Kayla Imani

UGC Creator

I am a 25 year old UGC creator based in Owings Mills, MD. I love creating eye-catching visuals that establish trust between consumers and businesses. My goal is to provide fresh, new content for your brand's social platforms all while maintaining the essence that makes your brand unique. Let's work together to increase revenue and drive up your analytics!

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Trendy short-form content

Product Line Spotlight / Problem Solution

Paid-ad Style

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Feel free to request a Custom Package if none of these fit your campaign!

Kay's Vids

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These are 15-60s videos in a 9:16 format that show off your product/service. I'll research your brand, follow a script, use trendy sounds/audio, and get creative with staging.

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7 UGC Videos


Kay's Flicks

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High quality photos that have that personal touch to showcase what the product will look like when consumers receive them at home. These are normally in a vertical aspect ratio for Instagram but can be adjusted for your needs!

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7 UGC Photos


why Ugc?

UGC is a great option for businesses of all sizes to increase their social media presence in an efficient way. Think of UGC as a way of "outsourcing" your content. UGC Creators will help take the load off of your marketing team, allowing them to focus on campaigning, analytics, and the heavy background work!

UGC gives marketers access to promotional tools that would be nearly impossible to manufacture. Even when brands attempt to create advertisements that seem user-generated, they typically cannot achieve the authenticity of real UGC. Giving consumers the customer experience they want requires incorporating at least some of the content their peers generate, rather than relying solely on your company's marketing productions.


Advertising based on UGC can result in a 400% increase in click-through rates.